Closing In On Enron (or “How to get discounted tickets”)

Yes, I am trying to practice the odd art of self-promotion here, in the name of keeping you all informed about this actor’s life.

Enron, the edgy and ¬†hilarious show I am appearing in at Dallas’ Theatre Three, has previews starting this weekend and opens next week. I play multiple roles in the ensemble and I am sure that a drinking game or other such activity could be devised to keep up with my roles.

Yes, there are discounts – but you must message me or reply to this blog post (with your email or text number) and I will get you a promo code (if you’re really someone I know and not a cyber-bot sent here to hack into my on-line consciousness!)

Here is the theatre’s Facebook page for those who want to know more.


Here is a photo of three of the fine actors (none happen to be me)…

I hope to see you in the audience.


(Post created by Team Nicole)

2 thoughts on “Closing In On Enron (or “How to get discounted tickets”)

  1. We are really happy for you. Wish we could be there but that’s not possible. Love you and break a leg. Pawpaw and gramma

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