Up Next: So Help Me God! at Theatre Three

I am very excited to announce that I have been cast in the role of Kerry in Theatre Three’s upcoming production of So Help Me God! by Maurine Dallas Watkins.

“This deliciously sour farce provides the same startled pleasure that comes from discovering a juicy, pre-code Hollywood film when immoralities used to go un- punished in the final reel. The playwright is now best remembered for Roxy Heart, her play adapted into the musical, Chicago. So Help Me God! gets its astonishing energy from that same white-hot cynicism that’s as angry as it is amused. A backstage story of a back-stabbing diva, this strychnine-laced bonbon makes other theatre satires of the era look like fluffy marshmallows. Derailed from the road to Broadway by the stock market crash of 1929, the re- discovered farce portrays a Broadway where commercialism always trumps art, producers pander to an audience’s lowest intelligence, and stars get away with absolutely everything — because they’re famous, damn it!” –Theatre Three

The production runs August 8-September 1, 2013. You can find more info and ways to purchase tickets on the Theatre Three website.