Forking! ready for opening night

Photo from PianoFight Facebook page

Nicole Weber (right) and Shaun Plander (left) get their holiday game faces on for PianoFight’s 2014 “A Merry Forking Christmas” at their new space in San Francisco.

Photo from PianoFight Facebook page

The cast of 2014’s A Merry Forking! Christmas at PianoFight in San Francisco

photos conveniently “borrowed” from PianoFight’s Facebook page. You can find that page here. 


Ready for A Merry Forking! opening at PianoFight’s space in San Francisco

From the PianoFight website


Here are the first few paragraphs from a great piece done by Robert Hurwitt in the SF Chronicle and The Gate, looking ahead to the opening of PianoFight in San Francisco where I will be performing in the remarkable space in the holiday “classic” A Merry Forking! Christmas. The show opens December 19. Please click on the link and read the whole thing.  And, of course, I hope you can make one of the performances. Tickets should be part of your holiday gift-giving, don’t you think? My dad would like a plane ticket to San Francisco, Santa. (I know you read this. You know when I’ve been sleeping, for goodness sake.)

(By Robert Hurwitt, Three guys walk into a theater to put on a play and, before they can start rehearsal, they’re handed the keys to the three-theater complex. A few years later and several blocks away, they’ve renovated a burned-out former Tenderloin landmark restaurant — the old Original Joe’s — and turned it into their own two-theater complex, with a full bar and restaurant, a cabaret stage, dressing rooms, green rooms, rehearsal spaces and even a small film production unit.

It didn’t happen quite that fast. For the PianoFight founding trio — Rob Ready, Dan Williams and Kevin Fink — it’s been close to a third of a lifetime since that first play in 2007.

They’ve produced, performed in and fostered quite a few productions since then, some ingeniously interactive, from their first real success with audience-judged new-plays contests (“ShortLived”) and Daniel Heath’s “Forking” plays (in which the audience keeps choosing which path the plot takes) to its “Throw Rotten Veggies at the Actors” nights, and pop-up events in Bolinas and beyond.

“We’re all 30 years old,” Ready says. “We started when we were 23.” (continued: click the photo below to read the rest of the article)

Great pics and history about PianoFight in San Francisco.

Great pics and history about PianoFight in San Francisco.

Find out more about PianoFight at their cool new website.